Make Active Living a Part of Your 2015 New Years Resolution

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December 23, 2014
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January 19, 2015
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The New Year is coming, and with it comes resolutions for lifestyle changes and improvements. If you are resolving to live a more active life in the coming year, congratulations. You are making changes that will help you feel and look better, both now and in the future. As you make these changes, Scotch Hall can help. The scenic beauty of the community makes active living enjoyable, and the many activities in and around your Scotch Hall home make it convenient. page-header_golf_1300Play a Round of Golf Imagine playing a round of golf with the Albemarle Sound at your back and the designs of Arnold Palmer making play enjoyable and challenging. In Scotch Hall, you can enjoy this every single day. With our Arnold Palmer Signature Championship golf course, you can golf every day if you wish in the privacy of your exclusive neighborhood golf course. Take a Stroll on the Boardwalk Scotch Hall Preserve boasts one of the most desirable locations on tine Inner Banks region. The community has been carefully developed to maintain the natural flora and fauna whenever possible, and to encourage you to enjoy it. Walking or jogging along the paths and boardwalk throughout Scotch Hall Preserve is a great first step towards your active lifestyle. With so many natural areas to explore, you will not be bored! Swim in a Waterfront Pool Head over to the Soundside Beach Club to swim a few laps in our beautiful waterfront outdoor pool. Then, spend some time playing with the family in the waters of the pool while the kids careen down the waterslide or simply splash away to their hearts’ content. Grab the Family for Outdoor Games Sand volleyball, bocce ball or croquet are all easily accessible on the Scotch Hall property. Get the family together for a family game of one of these popular outdoor sports. No matter who wins or loses, your entire family will benefit from the activity and exercise. Getting active is a great resolution for 2015, and something everyone should consider. Life in Scotch Hall makes it easy to embrace an active lifestyle. Pick your favorite activity and get started today.