Why Waterfront Golf Courses Are the Best

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July 26, 2014
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Take a championship golf course designed by a golf legend and add water and mature trees and you have a golf experience to end all golf experiences. There is a reason that so many coastal communities are some of the best places to play golf, and Scotch Hall Preserve is no exception. Our Signature Championship Arnold Palmer Golf Course overlooks the Sound and provides an exceptional golf experience. Here are some reasons why waterfront golf course are, quite simply, the best. Golf Against a Breathtaking Backdrop The game of golf is all about surroundings. The look of the area is what makes the golf course so inviting. Golfing with the water as your backdrop takes the experience to another level. It make the game even more inviting and relaxing. As you play, you will hear the sounds of sea birds in the distance and the wind rustling through the trees surrounding the course. It truly is an exceptional experience. Exceptional Weather for Year-Round Golf Many waterfront golf courses, Scotch Hall Preserve included, are in climates conducive to golf all year long. In Scotch Hall Preserve, for example, temperatures are moderate all year long, and snowfall is a rare event. You can play all year whenever you visit your Scotch Hall Preserve home. Natural Hazards Waterfront locations bring natural hazards to challenge even the most seasoned golfer. Tall grasses, sandy areas and naturally-occurring water features are common on waterfront golf courses. By working with the lay of the land, designers are able to create a challenging course without changing the landscape too drastically.
If you are curious about additional benefits of waterfront living and playing golf near the water, schedule a visit to Scotch Hall Preserve. Try your hand at our golf course, and see what a difference it can make in your game. Let us show you the Scotch Hall Preserve lifestyle.