Building Memories Into Legacies

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November 20, 2013
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January 24, 2014
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  For most questions, there is no simple answer. But for this one question, we didn’t have to think at all. What do we want most at Scotch Hall Preserve? We want to leave a legacy. Stories of days under a summer sun woven through time and passed down from generation to generation. Of children’s laughter ricocheting off of ancient oaks, of stories shared around the glow of a camp fire, of exuberant days on the water or the tranquil respite of concentric circles made as a fishing lure hits the water. These memories will never fade, those fun times will be forever accessible and the life you have here at Scotch Hall will stand the test of time. With each new visiting generation, there will be a celebration of times past mixed with the bright future of new traditions. The wonder that comes when families gather year after year. We know how important it is to feel connected, to know that out of your actions, you have created a lifelong bond for those around you. We consider it our job to help you create your own legacy.