There is a legend that George Capehart—the son of Cullen Capehart—who first settled this land, etched the names of his parents and sisters on a pane of glass in the front room windowpane with a diamond ring. It was his parents golden wedding anniversary. The story goes that every generation after would add their names. A gesture claiming, “I am home.” The fabric of that ritual still remains today because this is a community. Here you’ll find a sense of bonding and belonging, the notion of a shared history that grows from meaningful friendships as days are spent in camaraderie.

Opportunities to meet new people are plentiful. Scotch Hall hosts numerous activities throughout the year. From Book Clubs, Wine Tastings, and Kids Art Clubs to Lawn Games, Sailing, Standup Paddle Boarding, and Kayaking Clubs, it’s easy to find those who will share your passions.

At Scotch Hall, we’re an active bunch!
Here the opportunities to meet and make new friends are plentiful.