Interior Design Tips for Waterfront Cottages

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July 22, 2014
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July 31, 2014
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Moving into a new home means a blank slate to use as you decorate. If you have purchased a waterfront cottage in Scotch Hall Preserve, it’s time to consider your decorating style. Here are some tips you can apply to our beautiful cottages as you prepare to make your new cottage a home. Keep It Neutral The beauty of the nature surrounding your waterfront cottage is hard to beat. Make sure that nothing hinders the views from your windows by keeping your décor neutral. Light, airy colors in combinations of whites and tans work really well. Add a splash of your favorite colors as accents, and consider staying within the blue and greens to complement the color of the water outside your window. Avoid Bulk Bulky furniture simply has no place in a waterfront cottage. Choose light pieces that let plenty of natural light into your space. Whicker chairs, glass table tops and simple fabrics all work well in a waterfront property. Choose Flooring Carefully when choosing your flooring, start with the right material before you start searching for colors. Living on the water may mean tracking in moisture, and the air in the waterfront community will be more humid than in an area more inland. Make sure your flooring of choice is designed to withstand moisture well. Tile is an excellent choice, and hardwoods or laminate that are designed for humid environments lend themselves well to the look of a waterfront cottage. Choose your material first, then consider the look of the space. Accent with Colors and Patterns Throw pillows, lighting, blankets and tablecloths are all places where you can add interesting texture, color and patterns to your space. This is where your true colors can shine, without detracting from the natural beauty surrounding you. If you were to walk into one of Scotch Hall Preserve’s Legacy Cottages, you would see plenty of colorful accents. Using accents will help you dress up the space in a subtle, yet beautiful way.
Are you looking for more inspiration? Schedule a trip to Scotch Hall Preserve to tour one of our fully furnished Legacy Cottages for more great decorating ideas.