Entertaining In Your Coastal Carolina Vacation Home part three

Entertaining In Your Coastal Carolina Vacation Home part two
April 27, 2015
Hello Summer! Tons of Fun at Scotch Hall
May 13, 2015
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Our North Carolina Coastal Vacation Home is a gathering place for family and friends. Over the years we have built wonderful memories and fun traditions. Life is truly better. In the last two posts in this series we offered tips for easy breakfasts and simple lunches. Here we talk about dinner. After all, what’s better then those you love gathered together over a simple meal. Entertaining in our home is fun and easy. One Pot Dinner Over the years we’ve perfected the one pot dinners. They are festive, easy and best of all only one pot to clean up. I cut a chicken into quarters and season them. Then I cut potatoes into quarters, and cut some onions, celery and green pepper and combine everything in the pot. Grease the pot a little first for easy clean up. Add a little chicken stock. I usually cut corn on the cob into 3″ pieces and put them on top to keep them out of the drippings. Bake until the chicken is done and dinner’s ready! Add plate of fresh cut veggies and it’s even a healthy meal! No Pot Dinner Sometimes I get determined to have ZERO clean up. That’s when I invented the ‘no pot dinner.’ You can use about anything, if you’re having company maybe a rare beef roast on the grill rolled in a good BBQ rub. Or a whole fish cleaned seasoned with cut marks on the top side decorated with lemon slices on a disposable tin tray – cut it down to the size of the fish and cook indirectly. Whatever you choose will affect the timing. Sides That Work Well Baked potatoes with a metal skewer through them. The metal conducts heat to the middle. A disposable tin with asparagus. Drizzle with olive oil, salt and Parmesan. Or a tin of cut Brussel sprouts rolled in butter and salt. Cook indirectly until slightly browned. Portabellos. Fill the cap with crab dip and cover with parm. Soak corn on the cob, remove the silk. Dip in butter and then salt. Tie the husk back on with butcher’s string and roast on the top rack. Take a tin and peel and cut fresh beets. Toss them in a little olive oil and then salt. Crumble with blue cheese near the end so it half melts. And a plate of raw veggies is always welcome. I could go on and on! Have a pizza stone? Yes literally, I could go on and on!