Fishing on the Albemarle Sound

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December 8, 2014
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At Scotch Hall, we love to discuss fishing and the convenience of having a major waterway in your back (or front) yard. Yet if you are a avid fisherman, you know that simply having water present is not enough to make fishing exceptional. You are likely wondering what you can expect to catch when you fish, where you should fish and what time of year is the most abundant. Here are a few more details about what you will see in the Albemarle Sound. caught-a-fishAbundant Fish in Slow Waters Makes Fishing Pleasant The Albemarle Sound region is the spawning grounds for bass, herring, shad and several other fish that live in the ocean but spawn in freshwaters. Striped bass is a popular fish to catch here, and the population is quite abundant with older fish as an indicator of a healthy, growing population. Largemouth bass, catfish and white perch also are sometimes found in the Albemarle Sound. You may also be able to catch crappie and flounder, depending on the conditions. Of these fish, some are always available in the region, while others are season. Striped bass never leave the Albemarle Sound region, but their specific locations will vary depending on the season. Largemouth bass and crappie are commonly found in the backwaters areas, with wintertime runs being a popular time to fish for the largemouth bass. Flounder, red drum and weakfish are found in the main basin of the Sound. Consider Hiring a Charter Because the Albemarle Sound is such a large body of water, finding the best locations for your fishing excursion can be a challenge. That’s where a fishing charter can help. If you want the best chances of finding the fish of choice, consider hiring a fishing charter to take you out into the region where the fish are biting. No Boat? No Problem! While having a boat may be part of your goal for life on the Albemarle Sound, if you haven’t made the purchase yet, you can still find plenty of fish. Fishing from a dock, bridge or even the shore can be quite productive in these abundant waters. Find a quiet spot, drop your lines and enjoy the fruit of your labor with an abundant catch. All of this is possible from a home in Scotch Hall!