Five Reasons To Purchase Your Retirement Home Now

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January 24, 2014
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March 3, 2014
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  Most people have plans to retire in areas that feature activities they enjoy.  It becomes about the dream of enjoying the pastimes that come with retirement. You may currently enjoy boating, fishing, hiking or being near the water only when you are on vacation.  But wouldn’t it be great to pay off that home before you retire, have it ready when you need it, and enjoy it now? An investment that also offers enjoyment today? If your retirement wish-list includes a coveted second-life hotspot somewhere on the coast, today’s relatively low home prices and historic interest rates probably have you wishing you were retiring right now. So if you have a little money socked away, does it make sense to buy now? Here’s five reasons to buy your retirement dream home today:
  1. You could lock in your retirement getaway home at what might be a historically low price, while enjoying the property now. If you know where you want to retire and can afford it, then you are in a great position to select an investment house.  In a number of years your investment actually becomes your home. And tomorrow’s retirement home is enjoyed as today’s vacation home.
  2. Warren Buffett says it’s a good idea if you want to retire in a warm climate to purchase your retirement home now. When is he ever wrong?
  3. CNBC reported that with home values down more than 50% from the height of the housing market and starting to rise again, many younger buyers are buying retirement housing, both as an investment and as a place to live when they finally reach those golden years.
  4. If you are a near retiree (5 to 10 years) you can capitalize on today’s weak market to pick up your next home at a discount, while hanging on to your current home until prices recover.
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