Tips for Moving to Your Retirement Home

What to do with all that stuff!
July 22, 2014
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July 26, 2014
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We’ve compiled a few tips for you as you’re planning on moving to your new retirement home at Scotch Hall Preserve.  Hope they can be of some help!
  • As with any home move, consider what furniture will go to the new home, where it will stay, and what movers (if any) you’ll use to get it there.
  • Make sure to get all valuables you’ve collected over the years appraised!
  • Make a plan for any excess items you won’t take with you to your new home.  Sell them, give them to loved ones, but don’t let them make the move more stressful by being unnecessary clutter in the new house.
  • Start packing in a less sentimental room like a bathroom or home office.  Packing is a daunting process no matter what, but it can be much harder if you’re saddened by leaving the great memories you made in your old home.  Getting the easy rooms out of the way can get the process moving so you can look ahead to all the great memories to come at Scotch Hall Preserve!
  • Come visit a few times prior to your move if you can!  The more you come out, the more members of our wonderful community you can meet!  If you get the chance to meet some of your future neighbors, you’ll feel right at home the second you get to your new home.
  • Get excited!  Moving to your new home may seem like an exclusively stressful project, but it really is exciting!  Perhaps planning a housewarming party for a few weeks after your move could get your mind off of your to-do list!