Top Five Lessons Golf Teaches Children

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February 13, 2015
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March 18, 2015
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Children can learn important life lessons from the game of golf. Junior Golf Clinics at Scotch Hall are designed to introduce children to the game of golf. Here are some great lessons that can be learned as they play the game.


Golf is a game of good manners. Golf teaches not only to respect your competitors, it also teaches to respect yourself. Good sportsmanship must be exhibited at all times. Golf is truly unique as the player is sometimes the only rules official for his/her own play. It teaches us to be honest to ourselves and honest to the game.


A golfer constantly strives to improve his game. For someone to progress in the game of golf, he must be extremely dedicated and patient.  Kids who want to learn to play golf must learn to stick with it. They must persevere.

Concentration and Focus

They say that golf is 90 percent mental. Without a doubt, golf is a game of concentration and focus. One thing is certain: Without an effective mental game, the rest of your game will never be at the level it could be.  Golf teaches kids that physical abilities only create potential in golf; it’s how effectively you apply them that makes the difference.

Problem Solving

Playing golf gives children the opportunity for creative and clever problem solving and personal growth. Dealing with the challenges of each course like sand traps, deep roughs and trees as well as elements like wind and rain teach children to work around obstacles that get in the way. Golf helps teach children to learn from their mistakes and move on from them quickly. They learn how to come out on the winning side of defeating problems.


Golf is a game of confidence. As Jack Nicklaus says, confidence is probably the most important factor in playing golf to your potential. Confidence is crucial to good golf. It requires the ability to think confidently, which can be the difference between winning and losing. It takes the ability to bounce back from defeat and remain mentally strong. A golfer builds confidence by recognizing the improvement he’s making in his game, not comparing himself to better players – a great life lesson.

Golf is a game that will teach them that life is full of challenges and set backs. It teaches us all to keep our heads up and no matter the obstacles we face, to get back into the game.