Top Five Tips on Decorating Your Coastal North Carolina Vacation Home

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February 3, 2014
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March 7, 2014
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  So you bought your dream vacation home, now it’s time to make it the place you long to escape to. When thinking about how to decorate your new paradise consider these five tips:
  1. Make it A Fresh Start. Your vacation home is your opportunity to start fresh and to be creative. Since this is your vacation home and not your primary residence, go ahead and toss that rulebook away. Have fun; think about the use of colors and materials you might not consider for your full time home. For instance, one vacation home designer created a post-modern Tiki theme complete with a Tiki bar and retro furniture. Not something you’d do for your 24/7 house but a fun escape from everyday life.
  2. Let The Location Lead You. If you bought a vacation home here at our beautiful Scotch Hall Preserve, consider the water, Sound and coastal feel. Indulge your passion for the water by choosing light, cool colors and pull in fun accents like bookcases shaped like canoes and coffee and accent tables made from rustic reclaimed wood. Add a wall that is dedicated to recording your days spent at this active family gathering place with family and friends.
  3. Keep It Cozy, Relaxed and Casual. Remember this place is about getting away to it all. It’s about relaxing, being active, doing what you love, enjoying time with family and friends and about making memories. So keep a relaxed and casual feel to the style and materials. You want a place where you don’t have to worry about kids running through and where friends feel welcomed and comfortable. So say ‘no’ to formal and expensive furniture, good china and fabrics and furnishings that don’t wear well. Instead, look for weathered and distressed furniture and easy to care for fabrics that convey warmth, comfort and relaxation.
  4. Let The Space Breathe. Don’t overdo the decorating where instead of feeling fun and comfortable it feels cluttered. If part of the reason you bought a vacation home is to spend more quality time with family and friends then consider furnishings that can be easily moved to accommodate those big dinners and celebrations. Many of the vacation cottages at Scotch Hall Preserve feature large outdoor patios that face the Sound. Maximize this area by adding comfortable furnishings but keep it open and free of too many decorative objects. They’ll just get in the way of guests being able to mingle.
  5. Make it Reflect The Life It Offers.The very best part of owning a vacation home is the memories it will give you. So fill it full of celebrating those memories with large photo walls. One couple dedicated a wall to a large chalkboard. They had every guest who visited sign the board, record a memory and date it. Think about how to record the life that happens at your new wonderful vacation home.
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