My Top Ten Reasons to Live The Coastal Home Dream

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July 17, 2014
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July 22, 2014
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Editor’s Note: We’re happy to share this Guest Blog from Alex. Alex shares his top reasons for living the coastal home dream and what he, his family and friends have gained. Having a place close to VA, DC, and North Carolina makes my coastal vacation home one I use even on weekends, it’s only a short drive away. 1. For once I really relax. I never seem to stop running except when I stop watch and listen to the water. 2. That half awake moment when I meet my wife’s gaze as she rises out of the pool and I’m suddenly fully awake and sure I know I’m glad to have this moment. 3.  I have more time with friends and family. Having a place everyone enjoys and wants to be is inspiring more quality time with others. 4. Investment money I can actually enjoy. This is much more fun and immediate fulfillment than my stock funds. 5. My health. 6. My Wife’s health. 7. Doing what we love right now. 8. Being happy. 9. Tough decisions like should I golf or go boating today? How many people’s too many for dinner tonight? 10. Experiencing golden years every weekend way before retirement. 11. The way Elliott giggles when he’s caught another lightning bug. Who am I kidding? How can there be only 10 reasons?