Why Coastal Real Estate is Never a Bad Investment

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May 13, 2015
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April 21, 2016
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With real estate prices struggling in recent years, many have found themselves wondering if it is still a good investment. If you are considering investing in real estate, the answer may depend largely on where you are investing. The key is to find an area that retains its value well and draws new buyers or renters in spite of economic downturns. Purchasing real estate in a coastal area has that universal appeal you need for ongoing profitability, in spite of changes in the economy. Here are some reasons that coastal real estate is never a bad investment. Tax Benefits Investing in real estate brings tax benefits, not matter where the property is located. If the property is an investment property, you can write off mortgage interest, depreciation and housing expenses. When tax time rolls around, these are huge discounts you can take on the property. Potential for Appreciation Yes, appreciation is something that is tied to the economy, but historically coastal real estate in desirable areas does appreciate quickly over time. By investing in a property now, you can invest in your future through appreciation. When the time comes that you are ready to sell, not only will you get the equity you have built in the home, but also the appreciated value. Leverage The equity built up in your coastal home can be used as leverage when requesting a loan or other type of financing. Whether you are financing the purchase of another investment property or paying for your child’s college, having additional real estate equity in an area where values are increasing is a sound investment option. Of course, these three reasons are almost entirely financial. You can’t put a financial price tag on the vacation memories built when you use your coastal home for your own family vacations. These are investments that last a lifetime and are priceless. Remember, real estate is almost always a good investment, but when that real estate is in a coastal area, you really can’t go wrong. Start shopping today for your coastal real estate purchase, and start benefiting from these desirable investment properties.